Sunday 29 June 2014

Red & Rosey

Saw only my second adult Rose-coloured Starling today in Lowestoft, having seen my first not to far away in Diss in Norwich back in the early 90's I think?

The normal plumage we come across in the UK are normally the drab juveniles so it was nice to catch up with a smart adult type bird.

Having arrived on site at about 8am we didn't wait to long before the bird appeared and showed very well for over half an hour, and not another birder in sight!

Myself and Monkey then headed up to Winterton north dunes where we located the female Red-backed Shrike from the previous day, though this was not as confiding as the starling, but still very nice to see and worth getting the soaking for!

The only disappointing sighting was one of the local Kestrel predating one of the newly hatched Little tern chicks from the beach, lets hope this wont be a regular occurrence??

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  1. Fabulous shots, mate. Sounds like an enjoyable morning